Hash Horses

Cool, unique, wild NFTs Horses coming soon
on Hedera Token Service.

What is a Hash Horse?

A cool tradeable unique NFT
9,000 unique Hash Horses, some very rare, some ultra rare. All cool.
A ticket
You asked for a moonshot? Once the mint is over, one horse will be randomly picked and his owner will win 50,000 HBAR.
A digital identity
Use your Hash Horse as your new you on social medias, Discord, and so on. Horses are the new You.
Background Violet Zebra: 4,41% (very rare)
Skin Yellow: 0,12% (ultra rare)
Mouth Big Smile: 9,08% (common)
Eyes Surprised: 14,63% (common)
Hair Dark: 19,46% (common)

Overall Scarcity score: 9,54% (uncommon)
Background Violet: 9,45% (common)
Skin Blue: 6,19% (rare)
Mouth Squeaky Smile: 9,74% (common)
Eyes Violet glasses: 0,57% (ultra rare)
Hair Dark: 9,08% (uncommon)

Overall Scarcity score: 7,00% (rare)